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Own production of systems of any complexity and size


Fences Fences and protections , from profiled flooring, metal fence, mesh netting, with forging elements of any complexity. A metal fence or a fence is, perhaps, a better solution for a home, a residence, a country house or a summer residence. Fence...
Greenhouses and Tents

Greenhouses and Tents

Greenhouses Greenhouse made of galvanized metal Greenhouses do not require care in winter The greenhouse package includes: prefabricated frame, polycarbonate, 2 doors, 2 windows and 4 handles to them. Double arcs 20x20 mm, metal thickness...


Covers Covers from polycarbonate From polycarbonate сovers are this best decision, for defence of court or machine, from snow, rain, sun, ultraviolet and dust.     Our company executes planning , making and editing translucent ...


Stairs Stairs, in modern homes, have ceased to be just functional structures, but are part of the interior. Stairs are structures that connect the floors of a building, in the form of a series of steps and are designed for lifting or lowering....
Gates and Wickets

Gates and Wickets

Gates and Wickets Gates and Wickets - this is the calling card of your house. Along with fences and fences, gates and wickets , protect your house from illegal penetration and prying eyes, protect from noise and dust. But it can be difficult to determine...


About us

About usThe company LLC Tula Fencing Factory Grand Fence “ was created in 2011. After visiting the Moscow exhibition devoted to the development of new welding technologies, the future founder of the company interested in welding technology CMT and namely welding machines of European manufacture with the ability to weld various alloys without damaging the surface of the metal coating.

Thanks to the weak representation in the Russian market of manufacturing companies that have similar opportunities in the field of welding but was selected and development path towards the creation of metal structures, namely, fences, gates, gates, staircases and handrails from galvanized and stainless steel materials.


Our partners

We cooperate with such companies as:

  • “Model SMU-13” LLC
  • Russian Railways OJSC
  • “Bal Dorstroy” LLC
  • “SAV-Story” LLC
  • RemDor LLC
  • “Metal Rolling Plant” LLC
  • XSL AO
  • “Decor-SP” LLC
  • Undorstroy LLC
  • Sakhalin-Engineering LLC
  • “Videophone MW” CJSC
  • Megapolis LLC
  • “Innovative security technologies” LLC and others.

Our partners are:

  • “Royal Pipe Plant” LLC
  • “TK Gazmetallproject” LLC
  • “TK StalInvest” LLC
  • Metallotorg JSC
  • “Staleron” LLC
  • “SP-Metal” LLC
  • “DeAlloy” LLC
  • Simeko LLC and others.

Long-term cooperation with such enterprises is the best confirmation of our reliability, stability and responsibility.


Quality assurance

So Why we LLC Tula Fencing Factory Grand Fence?

All our products are of high quality, meet all regulatory requirements, including ISO-9001 , and are manufactured in accordance with GOST . Also our company has its own TU .
Products manufactured at our enterprise have an accompanying package of documents, including:
-certificates for the metal from which the products are manufactured,
-Passport of the product,
which can be read link

The quality of all of our products is confidently confirmed by guarantee of up to 10 years and numerous feedback from grateful customers, which you can see by going to link


Production capacity

Company “TZO Grand-Fence” has its own production facilities. The production is located at: g. Tula, Railway, 51
The area of our production allows simultaneously carrying out work on several orders at once, thereby doing the work as soon as possible
Also, the production area allows us to work with dimensional objects, for example, the production of a gate 15 m and height 4m with the installed automation
The fact that we do not have to rent production facilities allows us to ensure low production costs and, accordingly, the most attractive price in our segment. Also we have a flexible system of discounts.
The company has big plans for development and expansion, we are constantly modernizing our production. At the moment we are able to weld galvanized and stainless metals without burning out the coating using the CMT technology.
We look to the future with confidence, therefore, we bought land for expansion of production capacities.



Since the quality and condition of the equipment depends on the quality of the final product, we carefully monitor our equipment.
Our production uses only modern, high-tech equipment, which allows us to achieve high quality products, reduce production time and reduce the cost of the product. In this we are helped by welding semiautomatic machines of European manufacture.
Using such equipment, gives us the opportunity to minimize the human factor.
Automation of production and its constant modernization is a priority for our company.


Our company monitors the level of qualification of its employees. All our employees have extensive experience and experience in this field.



Another reason why we LLC is the Tula Fencing Factory Grand Fence is a price.

The cost of course the product is one of the main advantages of our company.
The presence of our own production, our own staff and direct cooperation with the supplier of raw materials, which ensure a low level of prime cost, allow us to make the final price of the product much lower than competitors.
As a result, our company takes a leading position in its segment, in the ratio of price and quality.

We will be glad to see you among our clients and partners!


LLC "TZO" Grand-Fence "
Опыт работы с 2010 г.


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