Delivery of metal structures by regions. LLC "TZO" Grand-Fence "

Delivery of metal structures

Delivery of metal products and metal structures to the place of further installation and operation, is the most important stage of the production process. It is important to understand that delivery can significantly affect the timing and cost of the entire project.

DeliveryDuring the transportation of metal products and metal structures, many factors need to be taken into account: mass, dimensions of the transported cargo, route, and much more. etc. In addition, not every transport company has the appropriate equipment and transport for the transportation of such goods.



The company LLC “TZO Grand-Fence” provides services for loading, delivery and, if necessary, unloading. We will free you from unnecessary troubles associated with the search for carriers, movers and equipment necessary for loading, unloading and preparing documents.

Take advantage of our service and we will save your money and time!

You just need to specify the address of delivery, and write out a power of attorney for the driver, the rest we take on. We will calculate the optimal route, select the appropriate transport, prepare all the permits. And we will carry out loading completely for free.


Delivery can be performed by both our company and a third party organization, at the discretion of the customer. Container delivery to other regions by train is possible.

The cost of delivery on a straight line depends on the mass, dimensions, and the distance to which the cargo is to be transported.

To find out the cost of delivery, write to us by e-mail, or call the number: +8 (901) 998 -61-58

we will calculate the cost.

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