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Design and Optimization of the construction process

Design – this is an important and integral part of the construction process. Metal construction is widely used in construction. However, before you start to make any design, you need to prepare a project.


Specialists company LLC «TZO «Grand Fence» have a lot of experience designing, and a high level of qualification. This is very important, because of the quality of the completed project, it depends:


  • – speed of erecting a building or metalwork;
  • – reliability and service life;
  • – cost of erection and operation;
  • – possibility of modernization and reconstruction;
  • – energy efficiency;
  • – environmental friendliness and many others.


We offer you our services for designing </ strong> and project optimization:

  • – development of drawings for those. task;
  • – calculation according to the drawings;
  • – finalization of drawings, including optimization.


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Preferred drawing format: dwg, cdw (Kompas 3d, AutoCad).

Our company cooperates with both corporate clients and private individuals. You can be sure that the project will be carried out in a qualitative and timely manner.


Order designing from professionals!



In the design process, the designation of the future building or structure is taken into account. Calculate the possible loads during operation. Climate conditions, wind, snow, etc. are taken into account. Seismic loads and corrosive phenomena are also taken into account.

The cost of the project depends on the complexity of the object and is calculated individually. Depending on the architecture of the structure, non-standard, square, etc.




The company LLC TZO Grand Fence “ specializes in the manufacture of metal structures and the erection of buildings and structures from the metal frame. Our company has long and reliable partnerships with companies, suppliers of raw materials for the production of metal structures. Exclusive conditions for the supply of raw materials and the availability of their own production, gives us the opportunity to optimize the process, so that to reduce the cost of the final product and as a consequence, reduce the costs of the client.


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