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Covers from polycarbonate

From polycarbonate сovers are this best decision, for defence of court or machine, from snow, rain, sun, ultraviolet and dust.




Our company executes planning, making and editing translucent metal structures with the roof of different configuration :

  • – lean-to (as a rule, such covers join to the wall of house and has direct farms);
  • – with (such covers can both join to the wall and stand separately) two sloping surfaces;
  • – semiarched;
  • – arched;
  • – combined, etc.;


Farms of covers can be the arched or direct form, decorated by the forged or weld-fabricated elements. Roofs with the difficult bend of farms, many-tier (factorable) and increase covers for cars.



Most distribution was got exactly by the “arched” covers. As a result, their construction possesses relatively not large weight but by good enough durability and reliability.



Framework is made from the non-rusting pipe of rectangular, round or square section. Metal frame is designed so that to survive the wind and snow loading. The covers of similar plan are able to survive loading to 200 kg And it means to you will not be to clean them from snow.

It is separately needed to mark advantages of поликарбоната before other materials. At making of covers we use mainly cellular (cellular) or monolithic polycarbonate.

CoversAs a result this material has mass of dignities:

  • Lightnessprovides simplicity of editing and reduces loading on supporting posts and bearing farms;
  • Flexibilityallows to make the covers of practically any form;
  • Assortment of colour gamutallows to the construction harmoniously to blend actually in any exterior, adhering to general стилистики and design;
  • Subzero Pricemore subzero price in relation to other analogical materials, the cost of finish good allows to bring down;
  • Safetyit is similarly important to mark unique properties of поликарбоната that does not skip harmful ultraviolet rays, dangerous for your health. Thus you can be under a cover even in hottest weather without a risk to be scorched.



CoversA small peak before an entrance not only will give a more aesthetic kind and comfort your at home but also will protect your threshold from snow of rain and sun.
We will execute all complex of works, including, projectирование, delivery and editing, we will economize Your time the same and will release you from the superfluous caring of the ferrymen longshoremen and fitters related to the search. Our employees will execute works qualitatively and in the beforehand specified term. We will carry out editing in comfortable for you time.


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