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Stairs, in modern homes, have ceased to be just functional structures, but are part of the interior.


Stairs are structures that connect the floors of a building, in the form of a series of steps and are designed for lifting or lowering. They can be used to enter the house, climb to the attic and descend into the basement and pl. Other staircases can also be equipped with inter-floor areas.

Structurally, they are divided into all-metal and ladder frames.

Metal stairs are:

  • stairssingle-mrach;
  • two-marsh;
  • spiral;
  • rotary;
  • direct;
  • screw and others.


The company “TZO Grand-Fence” LLC is engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of metal staircases of any level.

We will produce stairs for your project, or we will design according to your wishes. To do this, send us an e-mail your project or outline, or call us at the number +7 (4957) 75-71-58, and our specialists will calculate the cost.

Also, we can optimize the project and, thereby saving your money!

When designing stairs, you need to determine the design and material, calculate the steps, rails, fences, the angle of rotation and the angle of ascent (if it is a spiral staircase or forged), and of course the design of the structure itself. From the correctness of calculations and the quality of the work and materials performed, not only does the ease of operation, the appearance of the structure, but also safety, depend. For example, the incorrectly calculated width of the step will result in improper support of the foot and may cause a fall and injury. That is why it is very important to entrust the calculation and manufacture of stairs to professionals.

Company specialists “TZO Grand-Fence” </ strong> </ span>, have a wide experience of work and a high level of qualification.

Order the manufacture of the stairs at us at a favorable price!


Not a few important elements are guard rails that perform not only basic and protective functions but also play a key role in the overall design of the structure. Recently, in the manufacture of guard rails, forging elements are increasingly being used. Our experts will help you find the best option for guard rails for your home.



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