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Enclosures for garbage containers

Fences for garbage containers are a mandatory attribute of the urban environment, in every yard. Places for household waste are available, open or closed type. But the most practical for today, are the canopies.
Canopy for garbage containers, is a fencing structure that performs a protective function. Protects from wind, rain, snow, sun. Prevents the spread of debris over the territory and the removal of animals.

Ограждения для мусорных контейнеров


Advantages of installing awnings

Installation of a canopy is a simple, practical and relatively inexpensive solution for equipping a container site.

Installation of canopies for garbage cans, allows you to solve several tasks:

– Order and cleanliness in the yard;
– Ecological safety and sanitary hygiene;
– Reduces the level and spread of an unpleasant odor;
– Reduces the risk of fire;
– Aesthetic appearance;
– Increases the service life of tanks, protecting them from corrosion as a result of rain and snow;
– Prevents theft of containers, vandalism and many others. other.

Garbage tank fences can be designed for a different number of containers.
Sheds and pavilions above the garbage dumps are made of galvanized, painted profiled sheet or polycarbonate.

Ограждения для мусорных контейнеровAlso, the fencing of containers can be additionally equipped with gates acting as a fourth wall.


Price of fencing for garbage containers.

The price depends on the volume and complexity of the work. For the preliminary calculation of the cost, send us a technical assignment or call: +7 (4957) 75-71-58.

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Specialists of our company will prepare, a platform for household waste, according to your sketches and drawings. If necessary, we will do the work based on the projects that we have. Perform the installation of garbage containers turnkey, saving your time. You do not have to waste time searching, designers, movers, carriers and installers. We will manufacture, deliver and install – container canopies and fences for storage of garbage cans. We will execute works – according to all requirements of sanitary norms, and GOST.

We are responsible for our robot and guarantee its high-quality execution, at a predetermined time.

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Make your yard cleaner, cozier and safer.


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