The forged Protections of company LTD. TPP Grande Fence".

Forged protections

Forged protections, it is the best method, to protect, barrier and designate the borders of Your territory. They have a row of advantages before other types of protections.

Forged protections

Forged protections have attractive original appearance and unique design attracting look. This face of Your company, organization or house.

Forging elements do the massive construction of protection, more easy and elegant. Forged protections look richer and элитней, promoting status of proprietor, be that company, organization or private possession.



Company LTD. the Tula plant of protections “Grandee Фенс”, gives the wide spectrum of services :

  • planning of protections and металлоконструкций;
  • optimization of projects;
  • making of protections of any complication;
  • loading;
  • delivery;
  • unloading;
  • editing.

We value Your time and save Your money.

Order the Forged protections, for us most Subzero to Price!

Subzero Price forged protections 

The low cost of products is arrived at not in the damage of quality and due to optimization of production, uses of modern equipment and similarly the uses of materials supplied by our permanent partners at favourable price.

Engineers of company LTD. of ТЗО is “Grandee Фенс”, will prepare and or optimize a project so that to bring down the charges of your company.

The highly skilled specialists of our company, possessing large experience in making of protections, execute works qualitatively and in the indicated terms.

Forged protections

At making of the forged protections we use quality materials that us supply to our reliable and tested by time partners only.

The equipment of the European production allows to obtain high exactness, speed of production and quality.

All products produced by us conform to all normative requirements and acts, including ГОСТ, and has an accompanying package of documents.

To become familiar with the complete list of documents you can on a page: documents.



Forged protectionsDepending on external environments, requirements of and other indicated in a requirement specification or project normative documents, protections can be executed from non-corrodible materials. Except it Forged protections exposed to the порошко-полимерной aftertreatment. Maximal tenure of employment of good is thus arrived at, in any climatic terms.

To look the realized projects you can on reference: products.

We give Guarantee 10 to.

We уверенны as the products produced by us, therefore we give a guarantee 10 to.

More detailed with the terms of guarantee you can become familiar on reference: guarantee.