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Our details:



Limited Liability Company “Tula Fencing Plant” Grand-Fence “


LLC “TZO Grand-Fence”
Legal address 300057, Tula region, Tula, st. Railway, 51, office 15
Mailing address 300057, Tula region, Tula, st. Railway, 51, office 15
Phone / Fax 8 (495) 7757158, 8 (4872) 753787
INN / CAT 7103056030 / 710301001
OGRN 1197154006477
Settlement account 40702810766000011827
Correspondent account 30101810300000000608
Bank BIC 047003608
Bank Tula branch №8604 Sberbank of Russia
CEO Akmeeva Elena Sergeevna

Act on the basis of the Charter




image Documents LLC Tula factory of fences Grand Fence


Business offer:

New welding technologies for colored and stainless materials are at your disposal! Production campaign Grand Fence produces welding works (including repair) of any complexity:

  • – Welding of anticorrosive (stainless) steels;
  • – Welding of copper and copper alloys;
  • – Welding of aluminum and aluminum alloys;
  • – Welding of galvanized metal products without breaking the zinc coating.

Possible to carry out works on the customer’s premises with the departure of a specialist. The compactness our high-tech equipment makes it possible to weld the above materials practically in any conditions. It is greatly simplifies our Partners’ repair and production tasks.

We work with VAT.

Quality policy plays a key role in the work and development strategy of Grand-FENCE. The high quality of products, the basis of our desire to be a reliable partner.

We understand the needs of our Clients and Partners. Having vast experience, we can offer them high-quality products and well thought-out competitive solutions.


image Documents LLC Tula Fencing Factory Grand Fenceimage Documents LLC Tula Fencing Factory Grand Fenceimage Documents LLC Tula Fencing Factory Grand Fence


Our advantages:

You can see our works by clicking on the link Implemented projects


Technical conditions:

Limited Liability Company Grand-Fence


Grand-Fence LLC
«__»____________2015 yr.


Technical specifications
ТУ 9693-001-37541392-2015

Effective August 05, 2015yr.





Head of Sales Department of Grand-Fence LLC___________ Т.Д.Байбулдина
«___»_____________2015 yr.
deputy. Director of Grand-Fence LLC___________M.B. Derkunov
«___»_______________2015 yr.

c. Moscow
2015 yr.



These technical specifications apply to Grand Fence welded fences made of galvanized steel. Intended for fencing public and residential buildings, industrial facilities, as well as other closed areas.

Operation of fences is allowed at an ambient temperature of -50°C to +50°C. And relative humidity of air up to 98% at plus 25 ° C.


Symbol of products:


Х – Х – Х – X – Х

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5


1 – type of product;

2 – type of product;

3 – the color of the protective and decorative coating of the product;

4 – composition;

5 – designation of the present Specification.


Steel panel 2D, cell 50X150 mm, wire D 5mm, GOST 3282-74, galvanized with polymer coating, green color RAL 6005. 3237 Documents
Steel panel 2D, cell 50X150 mm, wire D 5mm, GOST 3282-74, galvanized with polymer coating, green color RAL 6005. 161
Steel panel 2D, cell 50X150 mm, wire D 5mm, GOST 3282-74, galvanized with polymer coating, green color RAL 6005. 3237
Steel panel 2D, cell 50X150 mm, wire D 5mm, GOST 3282-74, galvanized with polymer coating, green color RAL 6005. 161


Steel pole 80х80х3 with a flange for a screw foundation, L = 3150 mm, galvanized with a polymer coating, green color RAL 6005. 3536 Documents
Pillow cover, plastic, size 80х80. 3536 Documents
Screw foundation, L = 3500х114 mm, with flange, with anticorrosive coating, hot dip galvanized. 3536 Documents
A set of fastening posts to the pile (Bolt – 6 pcs, nuts – 12 pcs, washers – 12 pcs. Galvanized products. 3536 Documents
Steel pole clamp, galvanized with polymer coating, green color RAL 6005, plastic liner. 24260 Documents
Steel bracket extension for the fence and swing gates type L (45 deg). Galvanized with polymer coating, green color RAL 6005. 3697 Documents
Fastening zinc-plated for steel extension bracket type L (45 deg) for poles 80×80. 3697 Documents
barbed wire KC-3 GOST 285-69 ZINCATED. 33141 Documents
Fixing galvanized for barbed wire on steel bracket Extension type L (45 deg). For poles (Bolt – 4 pieces nut 4 pcs washer – 4 pcs.) 3697 Documents


1.Technical requirements

1.1 Main parameters and characteristics

1.1.1 Products must comply with the requirements of these specifications and design documentation. 1.1.2. Welded fences are divided into types:
– Hard;
– Light;
– Heavy;
1.1.3 The fences are made from a height of 0.63 m to 6 m. The distance between the supports from 2500 mm to 3100 mm.
1.1.4.At the request of the customer, the fence can be manufactured with an anti-counter reinforcement depth of up to 0.6 m.
1.1.5 Fencing Hard type is completed with mesh panels with a cell size 50x230mm, 50x200mm, 50×150 mm, 50×100 mm made of wire d = 5 mm.
1.1.6 Enclosure type Light is completed with mesh panels with a cell size of 50x230mm, 50x200mm, 50×150 mm, 50×100 mm made of wire d = 4 mm.
1.1.7 The Heavy enclosure is equipped with mesh panels with a cell size of 50x230mm, 50x200mm, 50×150 mm, 50×100 mm made of wire d = 5 mm. and d = 6 mm.
1.1.8 The fencing is completed with poles of rectangular cross-section with dimensions of sides from 55 to 100 mm and wall thickness from 1.4 to 5 mm.

1.1.9 At the request of the Customer, the fence can be manufactured by an additional fence of a visor type.
1.1.10 Additional fencing is made by vertical, inclined or V-shaped length from 0,5 to 1 m.
1.1.11 Additional fencing provides installation of fences:
– helixes of AKL with diameter from 500 mm to 955 mm;
– Longitudinal filaments of barbed tape reinforced with steel wire and barbed galvanized wire
1.1.12 Products are completed with wickets and gates for welded fences. The dimensions are determined by the specification for the supply contract.

1.1.13. The schemes of the main types of welded fences are given in Appendix A
1.1.14 The color of the polymer coating of products is determined by the customer in the RAL and RR catalogs.
1.1.15 Average service life of fences is not less than 25 years.

1.2 Requirements for raw materials, materials and components

1.2.1 Raw materials, materials and components used for the manufacture of welded fences shall comply with the requirements of the standards and technical conditions therein
1.2.2 The products shall be made of steel wire of low-carbon steel in accordance with GOST 3282, rolled hot-dip galvanized sheet according to GOST R 52246.
– It is allowed to use steel wire low-carbon, obtained by import, the quality indicators of which meet the requirements of GOST 3282.
– It is allowed to use rolled metal produced by import, the quality indicators of which meet the requirements of GOST R 52246

1.2.3. Materials and components used for the manufacture of welded fences shall be resistant to climatic influences.
1.2.4. Hinges, brackets and other parts shall have certificates or other documents confirming their quality and safety of their application at rated operational loads.
1.2.5 Steel structural components shall have marks that provide strength characteristics of structural elements, welded, bolted and other joints, depending on the nature and conditions of their operation.

1.3 Requirements for size and shape deviations

1.3.1. The geometric parameters (as well as the maximum deviations from them) of elements, assemblies and parts of fences, functional and mounting holes, gaps in vestibules, welded joints and basic installation dimensions shall be given in the design documentation.
1.3.2. The frame elements of the products and their parts must have the correct geometric shape. The difference in lengths of diagonals of rectangular elements should not exceed 3 mm with the greatest length of the side up to 2000 mm.
1.3.3. The accuracy of the geometric parameters is calculated in accordance with GOST 21778, GOST 21779, GOST 21780, taking into account the specific features of the specific designs and technological conditions of manufacture and installation.

1.3.4. The dimensions of the welds shall correspond to their working cross-sections as laid down in the technical documentation. The deviation of the seam sizes from the specified ones should not exceed the values ​​specified in GOST 15878.
1.3.5. The nominal diameters of the holes for bolted connections and the maximum deviations from them, established depending on the method of formation and the type of bolted connection, are adopted in accordance with GOST 23118.

1.4 Requirements for coating and appearance of products:

1.4.1 Fencing structures must have a protective anticorrosion coating.
1.4.2 The thickness of the coating shall be:
a) combined:
– galvanized coating not less than 20 microns;
– polymer coating not less than 80 microns.
b) galvanized coating is not less than 100 microns.
1.4.3 The metal surfaces of the parts before applying the polymer coating shall comply with GOST 9.402.
1.4.4 The requirements for adhesion and coating thickness are established in NDs for specific types of products.
1.4.5 Protective-decorative polymer coating should form an even, solid, homogeneous and monophonic structure.

1.4.6 Polymer-coated products are allowed (no more than 5% of the total volume of the order in the subway):
– areas of variegation and areas with different shine, visible when viewed from a distance of less than 1 m;
– areas and individual unevenness of the coating;
– individual defects of no more than 3 mm in size, not penetrating to the metal substrate, or small groups of such defects;
– shagreen, pockmarks, individual scratches that do not penetrate to the metal base.

1.5 Requirements for locking devices and loops

1.5.1 In the manufacture of products, locking devices and loops are used, specially designed for use in gates and gates.
1.5.2. The type, location and method of fastening the locking devices and loops shall be established in the design documentation based on the size and weight of the opening elements of the product, as well as the operating conditions of the products

1.5.3 Locking devices must ensure reliable locking of the opening elements of the products. Opening and closing should be easy, smooth, without jamming.
1.5.4. The construction and securing of locking devices and loops must ensure that they can not be opened or removed from the outside.
1.5.5 Locking devices, locks, hinges must have a protective or decorative or protective coating.

1.6 Requirements for resistance to external influences and survivability

1.6.1 The climatic performance must correspond to UHL1 in accordance with GOST 15150 and be not worse:
– Operating temperature range of fences from minus 50 0 С to plus 50 0 С;
– relative humidity of 98% at a temperature of plus 25 0 C;
– rain intensity up to 40 mm / h;
– icing with thickness not exceeding 15 mm with wind up to 10 m / s;
– the level of snow cover (snow load) is not more than 1.5 m;
– resistance to wind gusts up to 44 m / s.

1.7 Completeness

1.7.1 The scope of delivery of products is determined by the terms of the contract (order) for the supply of products or the requirements of technical documentation for designs of specific types.
1.7.2. The finished products shall be delivered in the form of assembly assemblies and parts ready for assembly complete with locking devices and other component parts.

1.7.3. The delivery set should include:
– passport, label, or other document on the quality of the product with instructions for use;
– installation instructions

1.8 Marking

1.8.1 Marking of products is made in accordance with GOST 7566-94. The marking shall contain:
– name or trademark of the manufacturer;
– conventional designation according to the present Specification;
– the number of products in the package;
– the theoretical mass of the package;
– number of packing and lot;
– manufacturing date (month, year);
– a mark on the passage of technical control of the manufacturer

1.8.2 Marking is applied to a label that is glued to the packaging of the product.
1.8.3 Marking of products must be clear, indelible and indelible.

1.9 Packing

1.9.1. The products shall be packed in accordance with the design documentation.
1.9.2 The packaging shall bear:
– the name of the manufacturer’s enterprise, its trademark;
– product name;
– the date of the packing;
– manipulation marks;
– signs of transportation conditions.

1.9.3 The package must be protected from unauthorized opening


2 Acceptance rules

2.1. The components of the welded fences shall be accepted by the parties by the employees of the Quality Service.
2.2. A batch is considered to be products of the same type, manufactured in a single technological process during the working shift.
2.3 Acceptance of welded fences shall be made in accordance with the requirements of the drawings and these specifications.
2.4 Purchased fasteners and locking elements are subject to input control for compliance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation.

2.5. The quality and brand of materials used in the manufacture of welded fences are subject to input control for compliance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation.
2.6 The sample size for quality control of products is 5% of products from the lot.
2.7. To check the conformity of the product to the requirements of these specifications, it is subjected to acceptance and periodic testing. A test assembly is performed for the prototype.
2.8 Each batch of products is subjected to acceptance testing according to the indices given in table 1 of these specifications.



Table 1 – Controlled indicators


Type of testing and inspections Item of technical requirements Item control methods Note
1 Measurement of geometric dimensions 1.3.1-1.3.2 3.1
2 Appearance of the coating 1.4.5-1.4.6 3.2
3 Coating Thickness 1.4.2 3.3
4 Adhesion 1.4.4 3.4
5 Quality control of welded joints 1.3.4 3.5
6 Locking devices and loops 1.5.3 3.7
7 Packing quality control 1.9.2-1.9.3 3.8
8 Quality control of marking 1.8.1 3.8

2.9 If the unsatisfactory results of the inspection are received, at least one of the quality indicators should be repeated for this indicator on a doubled number of products selected from the same lot. If the results of repeated tests are unsatisfactory, the lot is recognized as not meeting the requirements of these specifications and is rejected.
2.10 Periodic testing shall be carried out on a welded fence that has passed the acceptance test and is recognized as usable.
2.11 Periodic testing shall be conducted at least once every two years.
2.12 In case of periodic testing, weld metal fence metal structures are assembled in accordance with the passport drawing in compliance with the requirements of this Specification.
2.13 Each set of products must have a quality document (passport), which indicates:
– name and address of the manufacturer or its trademark;
– symbol of the product;
– lot number (order);
– the number of products in the batch;
– specification of components;
– the date of shipment.

The quality document must have a sign (stamp) confirming the acceptance of a consignment of goods by the Quality Service of the manufacturer. The form of the certificate of quality is given in Appendix D.


3 Control methods

3.1 The geometric dimensions of products are determined using methods established in GOST 26433.0 and GOST 26433.1.
Limit deviations of the nominal dimensions of products and their elements, the difference in lengths of diagonals and other dimensions are determined using a metal measuring tape in accordance with GOST 7502, a caliper in accordance with GOST 166, probes according to TU 2.034-225-87.
3.2 Appearance of the coating and color are assessed visually by comparison with reference samples approved in accordance with the established procedure. Defects in the coating that can be discerned by a non-armed eye from a distance of 1.0 m with an illumination of 300 lux are not allowed.

3.3 The thickness of the coating is determined by the magnetic induction method in accordance with GOST 9.032. The measurement should be carried out at five points. The result is the arithmetic mean.
3.4 Adhesion (adhesion strength of paint coatings to the metal surface) is determined by the method of lattice cuts in accordance with GOST 15140.
3.5 The quality of welded seams is assessed by the method of external inspection and measurement in accordance with GOST 3242. At the same time, visually control the continuity of seams, impregnations and undercuts. Geometric parameters of welded joints should be checked with a caliper in accordance with GOST 166.

3.6 The tightness of the seals and the correct installation of locking devices, fasteners and other parts are checked visually.
3.7. The work of the hinges is checked by five-time opening – closing of the wicket and gate patterns. In case of detection of deviations in the operation of the devices, they are adjusted and checked again.
3.8 Marking and packaging of products are checked visually.


4. Transportation and storage

4.1. The products shall be transported by road, rail and river transport in accordance with the requirements established by the technical specifications for a particular type of product and GOST 15150, GOST 15846. During transportation, the requirements of handling marks on the packaging must be strictly observed.

4.2 The products must be stored in their original packaging before installation in accordance with the specifications of the product.
4.3. The products should be stored in unheated rooms without direct exposure to sunlight and rain, and the possibility of mechanical damage to products, exposure to corrosive liquids (acids, alkalis) and open flames should be avoided.

4.4 Conditions for transportation and storage in terms of the effect of climatic factors should be in accordance with group 6 in accordance with GOST 15150.
4.5 Conditions of transport and storage in terms of the impact of mechanical factors should be consistent with the load
ppe C according to GOST 51908.

5 Instructions for installation and operation

5.1 Each product must be supplied with instructions for the installation and operation of products in Russian
5.2. The instructions should indicate the technical characteristics of the product; recommendations for installation and maintenance, a list of tools needed to implement these objectives.
5.3 Installation of Grand Fence welded fences should be carried out in accordance with the instructions for the installation and operation of the products.

5.4 The manufacturer of the product must provide the consumer with recommendations on the provided warranty repair services, the procedure for issuing complaints and calling the representative of the manufacturer.
5.5 Utilization of engineering products and components of its construction is carried out in accordance with the rules of utilization adopted by the operating organization.


6 Manufacturer’s Warranty

6.1. The manufacturer warrants that the products are manufactured from materials that are free from defects and when used under normal conditions, in accordance with the specifications and legal regulations, will function properly.
6.2 The warranty period is 10 years. The warranty period is calculated from the date of shipment to the end user. The limitation of the warranty period is 10 years from the end of the calendar month in which the Manufacturer sent the product from the department for shipment of finished products.

6.3 When receiving the delivered cargo, all those who are in the delivery chain before the end user, like the end user himself, must carefully check the compliance of the delivered cargo with the packing list and technical documentation, and also make sure that there are no visible damages. Before assembling or installing the product, the person performing this operation must repeatedly check the product, technical and other transport documentation, including comparison of the numerical data, in accordance with the standard procedure, and also ensure that the assembled product functions properly. Any deviations should be made known to Grand-Fence.
6.4 Warranty obligations involve the replacement of a defective product, including shipping costs, forwarding and other direct costs associated with the delivery of the replaced product, during the warranty period.

6.5 Warranty obligations must be fulfilled by the Manufacturer or an authorized representative of the Manufacturer who, if necessary, has the right to replace the defective product in whole or in part with a new one. A prerequisite for performing repairs under this warranty is to return the defective product or the defective component indicated to it to the third party after the corresponding request.



6.6 Warranty obligations are limited to the following conditions:
6.6.1 Warranty obligations do not cover compensation for the costs of dismantling the defective product and assembling the repaired or replaced product, nor do they cover the indirect costs or damages resulting from the need for dismantling and / or reassembling other equipment other than the defective one.

6.6.2 The Obligations of the Producer shall not apply to damages or defects found in the inspections referred to in paragraph 6.3, or the consequences thereof.
6.6.3 The obligations of the Manufacturer under the warranty for a defective product shall be deemed to be fulfilled after the Supplier has delivered the replacement product or a properly repaired product.
6.7 The manufacturer is not responsible for indirect and net financial losses, loss of profits or other indirect economic losses.

6.8 The manufacturer is not liable for damages resulting from the negligence of the contractor or third party, as well as for damages resulting from the use of the product for other purposes.
6.9 The manufacturer is not liable for damages resulting from the Buyer choosing any raw materials, structures or working methods.


Appendix A



Appendix B




Appendix B


Welded fencing elements packaging


Figure B.1 – Scheme of packaging panels, 50 pieces.


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